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Health Products that really work.

I use Natural Health Products, instead of medication whenever possible.  Below are the ones I feel work the best.   I have before  and after results to prove to myself that these products work.  Scroll down to see more info on the products listed.

#1    TriVita - Vitamin - B12 Supplement.

#2    Life Guard Antioxidant from Starlight International.

#1TriVita - Vitamin - B12 Supplement.

For many years, I have been complaining about how exhausted I felt and what they call brain fog.  Doctors just said it was stress. I went to see a new Doctor, who took a bunch of test and she was very upset to see that my B12 was very low at 240 and that’s why all I wanted to do was sleep and had no energy. My other Doctors never tested my B12.  I was on Metaformin a diabetic medicine inwhich recently was found to lower your B12 dramatically. No one
told me about this.
I have learned that Symptoms of low B-12 include anemia, depression, dementia, confusion, loss of appetite and balance problems. Long-term deficiency can bring severe anemia, nerve damage and neurological changes that may be irreversible.

My doctor said I would need B12 shots every week or I can get the sublingual ones. I remembered the TriVita infomercial I saw a few days before going to the doctor.  But wasn't aware that I had a B12 deficiency.  So, I decided to give TriVita's  B12 a try.
(Balance:  Damn I had epiosodes of dizziness for atleast 15 years.
I would be so dizzy and sick that I would have to lay down for days at a time. Everything was spinning.  Doctors always said it was an inner ear imbalance.  But, now I just realized I haven't had a dizzy spell since I started taking B12.  This makes me so mad b/c I hate being sick and useless! and all this time I just needed b12!)

In about 3 days after taking B12, I felt more alert and had all the energy I needed. In one month my B12 count went from 240 to 1000!!
 My doctor was very pleased. She asked what brand I was taking because she had another patient who’s count was 100 and in 3 months only went to 250.
 Other Companies sell B12 but, I feel, not the quality that TriVita does.

They have other products.  I might try them. Will let you all know.

  #2   Life Guard Antioxidant  from 

Taking them Since 1995.

I use to take 2 a day, for many years.  Especially when my children were in school. I started to give it to my son b/c he use to get strep throat every other week.  Doctor wanted to take his tonsils out.  Joe only got Strep throat 2x in over 12 yrs.  That's b/c he stopped taking them and then as soon as someone in school was sick he would catch it immediately.  

I always have at least 2 bottles in my house.  We now take it when:
1.  During Flu and Cold Seasons.
2.  Feeling a little under the weather. 
     It works over night.  Felt like I was coming down with a    
    cold/soar throat  took it a 2am by morning all my symptoms were
     gone.  I took them for another 3 days to make sure It was wiped
     out of my system.
3.  If Traveling.  Very important!!  Before I travel on the plane I  
     start taking it about 3 days before my trip     
     and don't stop until 3 days after my trip. 

 Of course, no one wants to be bothered with taking pills. but, as soon as anyone in my family feels sick.  Who do they CALL?
MOM! Where's the Life Guard!!

Also, my Doctor says that my White Blood Cell Counts are remarkable.  Of Course!

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