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Air King 8132 Ceramic Electric Space Heater
Grade: Excellent.
Purchased: Online -  Air & Water Inc. 1-800-734-0405
Price:  $79.95   Other sites were charging $140.00
CON:  Doesn't have auto shut off when tilted.
                 But, it seems sturdy enough that it won't fall over.
                 It has Auto overheat Shut off .

The Air King 8132 utilizes a ceramic heating element that quietly and evenly distributes heat for maximum comfort.
No Noise:  Perfect for a bedroom.
Sturdy- Not worried about it tipping over.
Osciallating. Turns without making noise
Powerful - heats up my space which is 20 x 25
Easy to use - Power, timer, OSC, Temp. As seen on picture. Just press and done. No guess work.
Heater temp goes from 60 - 85. in 5 degree increments.  I only use it on 75.

Bought this electric heater for where I work.  It is 19 degrees outside and 60 degrees by my desk and I kept getting chills. After searching the internet and reading the reviews, I decided to Buy the Air King 8132 b/c it didn't have any CONS. Others I read had a lot of CONS which included plug over heated, noisy, not enough hot air or power, electirc overloads, etc

Will be buying one for my home also.
I had a Bonaire but, it made to much noise. I could only use it for the xtra storage room in my home for where my dogs sleep.

Air & Water Inc, emailed me that it was shipped,tracking # and when it was delivered. Got it in 4 days even with the huge snow storm NY got.