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Household Products I tried that really work.

Listed below are products that I have tried and work as they advertised.
Scroll down for complete reviews of each product. 

1.  ForceField Professional Strength  RESTOR-IT
     Cream Furniture Polish for Fine Wood furnishings.

2.  Scrubbing Bubbles Extended-A-Clean Power Sprayer

1. ForceField Professional Strength RESTOR-IT

    Cream Furniture Polish for Fine Wood    Furnishings.

Grade:  Excellent
Purpose: to restore the beauty of the wood on Kitchen Cabinets, doors, banisters, Paneling and trim.
Bought: at Joanne's a Fabric Arts and Craft Store. Online website above sells them 2 for $12.95.  I will buy it there next time 1/2 the price.

My Kitchen Cabinets are 24 years old. They were dried and scratched. I was figuring out how to afford new cabinets. I was in Joanne's and saw     RESTOR-IT.
I decided to try it and when I went to pay for it, it was expensive. I was ready to put it back.  It cost $11.99 for a 22 fl oz.  But, for some reason I decided to try it.  I sprayed it on my Kitchen Cabinets and let it sit there for 2 minutes. Then I took bounty paper towels (there strong and don't rip/ fall apart) and rubbed it with the grain as instructed.  Then took a dry paper towel and wiped it one more time.  I didn't wipe them dry.
I am amazed to see that they looked like new!!  For Real!!
 I am totally thrilled!!
They got back there rich color and the scratches, all of them except one deep one are gone.  I had scratches because I always put on holiday decorations.  I put on foam protectors but some didn't work and scratched the wood.
My daughter came over and kept looking at them and said they look like new. 
It has been a week and they are still look great.
I have beautiful wooden folding closet doors in my bedroom and I was going to restain them.  but, now I don't have to, they look great!!
I have use it on my wood banisters, bathroom cabinets and my hallway oak wooden doors. 
Everytime I look at my wooden furniture, a smile begins to form on my face.
I am so happy I found a product that really works.  Ha! You see it doesn't take much to make me happy! lol

After  force field

Window seal - Before
window seal - after

My whole kitchen now looks Brand New!!

2.   Scrubbing Bubbles Extended-A-Clean Power Sprayer
Grade: Excellent                                                                                                                                  Purpose: Clean bathroom glass, shower doors, counter tops, faucets, and tubs.                               
Bought:  At grocery Store. 
Cons:  Doesn't smell good.  Open up window to air out room for a few minutes.  It cleans so good that it's worth the smell. The smell will go away in few minutes once aired out.

I asked my husbands cousin how she kept her Bathroom glass shower door so clean.    She told me Scrubbing Bubbles Extended - A - Clean.  I actually didn't believe her b/c it looked brand new, like never used.  I have tried many products and scrub and scrub but my bathroom shower glass doors never come clean. 
Once I tried Extend A Clean I was really impressed!  The soap scum came right off and it looked brand new.  I just sprayed it on and scrubbed it down with a sponge and then rinsed it with the shower head using hot water.
I also tried it on my mirrors and my tub. Left No streaks. On my faucets it made them look and stay shiner longer.
 They Advertised that it last for 4 days.   I wash the bathroom every week but I left the shower door alone just to see how long they would hold out.  It has lasted for over 2 weeks and showers are used 4 to 5 times a day at my house. You won't be disappointed using this product. Just make sure area is well ventialated.


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