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Apr 5, 2011

Beef or Vension Stew

3 lbs of Top Round Beef or Vension. 
 Cut up into 2 x 3 pieces.
2 cups of flour - mix in a pinch of Salt, Pepper and Garlic.
Olive Oil - enough for cooking meat. about 1/2 cup or less.
1/2 medium onion chopped finely.
Small bag of small carrots
Buy Celery with their leaves on them you will need
6 stalks cut up and 1/4 cup of  Leaves - Chopped up.
1/2 bag of Potatoes - washed and cut up.
2 cans of beef broth
1 jar of  Heinz Home Style Gravy "Bistro Au Jus"
2 packages of Beef Stew Seasoning Mix.          (picture of package below)
1/4 Tsp of pepper and garlic.  (Salt optional must taste to see if needed. )
Orzo  Pasta 1 package or Rice. Cook separately.

1.  Flour all meat. 
2.  Heat up some Olive Oil and Sautee a little bit at
     a time onions and beef with a pinch of Salt,
     Pepper and Garlic.
3.  Cook beef just to brown each side. 
4.  Then place in a deep Sauce pot. 
5.  Keep sauteeing onions and beef until                   
     all are done.

6.   Add 2 Packages of Beef Stew Seasoning Mix,
     1 can of Heinz Home Style Gravy                  
     "Bistro Au Jus"
     2 cans of beef broth and
     only the Celery leaves.
Stir well.
7.   Add a little bit of water if
    the Broths didn't cover all the meat .

8.  Bring to a boil for 15 minutes.
9.  Add in carrots and celery. Add water just to 
     cover the veggies. Bring to boil and
      Cook for 5 minutes.
10.  Add red potatoes and Stew is ready when  potatoes are done.

11.  Cook Orzo pasta or Rice. Strain water out and place in bowl.  Pour some broth from the beef Stew
on top of Orzo or Rice. Place Stew in another dish.  Keep Orzo or rice separate from the beef Stew until you put it in there individual dishes otherwise the rice or Orzo will dry up the liquid from the stew.

Olivia having fun eating Stew!

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