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Apr 5, 2011


Stromboli can be made with any ingredients.
The recipe below is what we use and it taste like a hot Italian coldcut sandwich.

Layer in order:
4 Slices Virginia Ham
4 Slices Provoloni
4 Slices Soppasatta or salami
4 slices Provoloni
5 Slices Pepperoni

Buy 1 Large Pizza Dough
Slice in 1/4 pieces

Stretch dough out by pounding lightly and then pulling it into a rectangle
It needs to be long enough so that the coldcuts can fit in it.
Roll up the coldcuts and place in the middle of dough.
Fold ends of dough in,
Place left side of dough to middle of coldcuts and roll over.
Make sure ends are sealed.
Beat one egg white and brush on top. 
Sprinkle Seasame seeds.
Then with a fork, poke a few holes on top of dough

 Grease cookie tray.
Flour bottom of Stromboli
Bake in oven on 425 until golden brown approx 8 -10 minutes.

Yes, you see correctly.  My husband Gaetano placed a pizza oven brick in
my electric oven.  He couldn't be without one.  He wanted to put a large pizza oven in
my kitchen but, he had to settle for this.

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