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Apr 5, 2011

Chicken Corden Bleu with Rice Melody

Great for  Parties.  Instructions at end.

Needed to prep Chicken:
1 Chicken Cutlet per person.  Large Thin Slices
On top of each Chicken Cutlet you need :
1 Slice of Virginia Ham
 2 slices of Provoloni,
Sautee chopped Onions 1/2 tsp
Chopped Mushrooms Sauteed in butter - 1 Tbs
 1 jar Chicken Gravy Heinz use 1 tsp in each cutlet
In Separate Bowls Place:
4C Bread Crumb
Chicken Gravy, Heinz approx 2 jars
On bottom of cooking Pan:
1 can of non salted or less salted Chicken Broth .

Needed For Rice:
1 small can chicken broth
1 packet Sazon Goya
1 Small chopped Sauteed Onion
Saved broth from cooked Chicken
1/2 jar of Chicken Gravy
1/2 can Small peas
1/4 Cup Grated Cheese
3 Tbs Saucy Susan
3 chopped slices of Ham and Provoloni

Chicken Corden Bleu
1.  Lay Chicken Cutlets flat and put ham, cheese, onions, mushroom and gravy on top

2.  Roll up each Chicken Cutlet.  Don't worry about closing the ends.

3. Wipe with brush or hand gravy all over Roll up Chicken
4.  Pat Breadcrumb on them.  If it is hard for you to pick up then just pour breadcrumb on top.

5.  Pour 1 can of Chicken broth on bottom of tray
6.  Place Chicken in without touching each other.

7.  Cover with Foil
8.  Bake at 350 for approx 20 -30 minutes until chicken is cooked.

9.  Take off  foil cover when chicken meat is white.
        Chicken should not be raw.
10.  Bake in oven with foil off for about 5- 10 min. or until breadcrumb looks crispy.

11.  Chicken is now done.
12.  Place Chicken Corden Bleu in Glass or Corning Ware tray.
13.  Pour in a small amount of broth from baking pan approx 1/4 of it.
  You need the rest of the broth to put into the Rice mixture.
As soon as you put the Chicken Corden Bleu in the oven start cooking the Rice.

Place in bowl and Save left over broth from Chicken for Rice Melody (as picture shows all the juices including the cheese or ham pieces that are left in pan)  
 You will put this in the Rice once rice is finished cooking.  So you can start cooking the Rice as soon as you put the Chicken in the oven.  This way they will be ready at the same time. I cooked 2 cups of Rice.

1.  Start cooking the Rice as suggested on package but, 
     A.  Replace some of the water with 1 can of Chicken broth.
     B.  Add 1 packet of Sazon Goya. Picture below.
2.  Sautee Small Chopped Onion in a little bit of oil until golden brown.  Place in rice when it is almost done.
While Rice is cooking:
3.  Roll up 3 slices of each Ham and Provoloni

4.  Slice into small pieces. Place in bowl.
Slice horizontially and then vertically. As shown.

Don't cook rice to be too watery.
5.    Once Rice is cooked move off of hot burner.
Mix in:
6.      Saved broth from Chicken.
7.      1/2 jar of Chicken Gravy.
8.      1/2 can Small peas.
9.      1/4 Cup Grated Cheese
10.    3 Tbs Saucy Susan
11.    Ham and Cheese.

NOTE:  If you want to use this for a party, the amount of Chicken needed if you are cooking a few different Entrees is 18 Cutlets for a large tray. 
Cook Chicken the day before.  Cover and Refrigate. 
The next day. Place enough broth until it covers bottom of catering tray.  Slice Chicken into 1/2 thick pieces.  Chicken can be placed ontop of each other to fit in tray.
Cover with foil and bake in oven at 350 until hot.

Rice needs to be cooked the day of.  Otherwise it will burn when trying to heat it up or dry out in microwave.  So, you can cook it early and then mic it for 2 minutes and it will come out great.

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