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Apr 5, 2011

Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp  can be cooked with the tails on or off.
Gaetano likes them on.  I like them off.  Guess who wins!!! lol
I don't like to eat the Shrimp first and then the pasta, nor do I want to fight with the Shrimp to get the tails off.  I know some say it wholes in the flavor more, But, I don't taste the difference.  I like to cut up my Shrimp and than Twirl my Linquini with the Shrimp.  Yum Yum! 
 I'm not that mean, I cook some with the tails on for Gaetano.
6-8 Shrimp per person
4 Tbs Butter.  divided into 4 pcs.
Olive Oil as needed
1/4 cup White Wine - Chardonay
Garlic Gloves 4 pcs Chopped
1/2 Tbs chopped fresh Parsley
1 Tbs grated cheese (optional)
Linguini - Cooked. 

Put water for pasta on when you are frying Shrimp. 
Before you are on #6, pasta should be almost ready.
Timing is important. Cook pasta aldente. 
 If pasta gets done too soon strain it and spray cool water on it,
 so it won't be sticky.

1Place Flour in bowl with a dash of Salt, Pepper and Garlic.
2.  Clean and devine Shrimp. Flour Shrimp.  Pound good and
     shake off the flour and place in dish. 

3.  Cover bottom of frying pan with Olive Oil.
4.  Fry Shrimp add a dash of Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder.
5.  Cook both sides until shrimp is pink/coral in color.

This pic the shrimp is not floured.  It is from another one of my recipes. As you notice from picture below the flour adds blumpness and I feel wholes in more flavor. 
(That's why you don't need the tails on, Ha!)

6.  Once all Shrimp is cooked, add 4 Tbs butter and
      Chopped Garlic.
7.  Once Garlic is lightly brown Add White Wine and Parsley.  
     Swirl Pan in small circle so that all the liquids can mix
8.  Add more butter if needed.  Cook for about 2 minutes, 
     Swirling frying pan in a small circle. 
     (no not fling it over head!)
9.  Add grated cheese (optional)
10.  Place pasta in large deep platter and pour Shrimp Scampi
     on top.    

Will put more pics next time I cook this.

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