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Apr 5, 2011

Stringbean Salad or Stringbean Oil and Garlic

StringBean Salad with Tomatoes and Potatoes
       Simple but tasty.  Everyone will be asking for more!

        Potatoes 4 Medium
        Stringbeans- Fresh (not Frozen) 5-6 hand fulls - 1/2  bag 
        Cherry Tomatoes 1 container
        Olive oil  1/4 cup or less
        1/4 tsp Salt, pepper, Garlic Powder and Oregano
        Optional - sliced fresh garlic sauteed in Olive Oil
         X- Large Bowl

   1. POTATOES:  Peel cut into quarters.  Boil water with 1 TBS Salt and cook until fork
       pierces through easily.  Strain and place in X-large bowl.
   2. Cook String beans in boiling water with TBS Salt, until string beans are slightly soft. 
         strain, place in bowl.
  3.  Add cherry tomatoes to bowl.
  4.  In small mixing bowl add olive oil, Salt, pepper, garlic powder & oregano. 
       Pour into X-Large Bowl with the cooked veggies .  Stir and serve.

     If you want fresh sliced garlic then place olive oil in small frying pan with seasonings                      and fresh thinly sliced garlic.  Saute until garlic is lightly beige.  Pour immediately over veggies.


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